Dreaming Big 4 Divine Living

Jun 23, 2021

Meet the Mother of Divine Living, Gina DeVee

Divine Living begins with dreaming big. Master the art of divine living the mother of dreaming big, Gina DeVee. Gina has coached hundreds of women in exotic locations around the world where they come to master the art of divine living and building a life and business they love.

Gina’s own life is your template to create your own life of divine living. We as women still tend to seek permission or approval from some external source to go for our dreams. As a result, the notion of dreaming big is often not even in our conscious awareness.

Gina DeVee holds a special place in my heart, and I’m truly honored to have her as a guest on my show. I remember the weekend I attended one of her early events in Brentwood, California, one of my first ever marketing events to build an online business. It was at Gina’s live event that I first caught a glimpse of what my life could be. Because I was stuck in my “playing small” and searching for permission to be “seen and heard” I wasn’t totally ready to live that life of my wildest dreams. Yet, I found myself on stage as a member of her high-level coaching group… all six of us!  That was then… this is now.

Gina understands the art of dreaming big and how it will, when accompanied by action, lead to you as the lead character in your own life—a life of divine living.

Gina DeVee has inspired thousands of women entrepreneurs around the globe to master divine living for themselves, while embracing their right and power to create a business and life they love. 

It all Begins with Dreaming Big

Life is short . . . time is flying by. What big dream or vision do you hold in your heart that awaits manifestation in reality?  Are you waiting for permission? I assure you, there’s only one person who can grant that permission, and that’s you. And if you can use a mentor on the path, listen in. Gina has lots to share to mentor you to that most special life, one of your wildest dreams!

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Today on Brand Revolution

Gina Devee 00:02
It's always been a question and it was a conscious choice for me at the beginning that I desired divine living to be the brand, because I want it to be bigger than me and about more than me.

Narrator 00:19
Welcome to Brand Aide, where we answer the question, what does it take to launch your own brand revolution, create evolution, and who are the people that help you foster connection, community, contribution, and currency for a brand built to last. You will also meet brands changing the world and the lives of those they serve. here's your host, Cheryl Hodgson.

Cheryl Hodgson 00:43
Hi, everyone. I'm Cheryl Hodgson. Welcome to the Brand Aide Podcast. Today I have a very special guest and a former coach and mentor of mine, Gina Devee, who has founded the Divine Living Academy. And I'm so grateful to have you here today, Gina. Thanks for joining me, and I can't wait to talk to you about what's going on.

Gina Devee 01:04
Oh, Cheryl, it's such a delight to see you and to be here with you. So thanks for having me.

Cheryl Hodgson 01:09
You're welcome. And it's like, I was so excited when I heard about your book coming out, because it really is the book is so special. I love the title. And we're going to talk not just about the book, but I really think it's a great starting place. Because it really sort of says it all the audacity to be queen. And I love the tagline, the unapologetic art of dreaming big and manifesting your most fabulous life. That's a mouthful.

Gina Devee 01:36
It is but every word there is important. And it's for women like us.

Cheryl Hodgson 01:41
Well, absolutely. And it's like you didn't start there.

Gina Devee 01:46
Not even a little bit.

Cheryl Hodgson 01:48
And I think I was sharing with you just momentarily before we got on that I started listening to the book on Audible and I got so engrossed, the time went away. And there's so much more that we can cover. But you have not only the brand of Gina Devee, but you have the Divine Living Academy. And for those people who don't know you yet, you have worked with women in coaching really, for about over 25 years.

Gina Devee 02:16
20 years. Yes.

Cheryl Hodgson 02:17
But you started out as a family therapist, correct?

Gina Devee 02:20
Yes, I have a master's degree in clinical psychology. And I became a therapist because I wanted to help people transform their lives.

Cheryl Hodgson 02:28
Right. And I mean, not all of your clients are women, but a large portion of women entrepreneurs, I think relate to you and your brand and your messaging. And what is it do you think that has, well, let's get right to the meat of it. What is it holds women back in business? Because when you go out there and try to launch something, or we have these big ideas, and sometimes isn't there stuff inside of us that gets in the way? right?

Gina Devee 02:52
Exactly, exactly. You know, I credit the brand Divine Living for women like us, because no longer do we have to choose women like us, we desire it all. And I just started saying that out loud. We want to have a meaningful career and a divine lifestyle. And so that's what my brand Divine Living is all about. And that put it take a stand for, for myself on my own journey and with women as well. And I think the piece that holds us back is not giving ourselves permission to say what we really desired to be who we really are. And to think that what we desire and who we are isn't Okay, and we've got to fit into someone else's idea of what is acceptable.

Cheryl Hodgson 03:36
Where does that come from? I mean, is it social conditioning? Is it centuries of the way women have sort of perceived themselves in society or been perceived in society?

Gina Devee 03:46
Yes, exactly. So here, I'll show you like the hardcover is actually quite beautiful of the queen. In chapter three, I write all about femininity, and I write about the history of it as well. And what has gone on since the ancient times is that we have so revered the masculine, and there's masculine and feminine energy inside of each of us male or female, but the masculine has tended to lean towards male. And there was celebration when a boy was born, and a boy could be the heir to the throne. And the boy was the one that got the education. For centuries, it hasn't even been okay just to be female, just to like, turn into a woman. And if you did, your job was to bear sons. There was actually mourning that would occur when a daughter was born. And so and then we've seen it throughout the ages when women would be too beautiful. It was dangerous for them, or if they were too smart or too wild, then they got burned at the stake.

Cheryl Hodgson 04:48

Gina Devee 04:48
I think that for so long that there has been this patriarchal society that says men are in power and men have the money and men make the decisions and so like any muscle, that's doesn't work it atrophies. And over the centuries, I think that there's such a deep conditioning that we women need to ask for permission just to stay safe and to survive. But that, of course, is not what our reality needs to be today, because the age of Queen is now. And women like us are giving ourselves permission and no longer waiting for it.

Cheryl Hodgson 09:50
Well, and I only bring that up, because one of the issues that comes up with women, I think, is in relationship is feeling supportive or is it okay for me to have my own thing, and step out into the world. And there are men who are supportive in relationships are that .And then there's some women that that becomes our if they feel it's an obstacle. I think it's important to everybody has to deal with it in their own way. But you certainly are an example in that area. And I love what you just said about the fact that it helped her brand because I was going to ask you the question, is Gina Devee the brand? Or is Divine Living the brand? Or is it both?

Gina Devee 10:58
It's always been a question. And it was a conscious choice for me at the beginning, that I desired, Divine Living to be the brand. Because I want it to be bigger than me and about more than me. I think there was an era of personal brand. And there still is, there's plenty of people that are very much a personal brand. I'm a very extroverted name and face of the brand at the moment, but where I see it going with products and a clothing line and getting into things that are outside of me, I wanted the brand to be Divine Living. We call it divine living by Gina Devee. I'm very connected to it. It's just that I'm not the personal brand.

Cheryl Hodgson 11:36
Yeah, exactly. Well, I think it's just an interesting distinction. Because obviously, I work a lot with branding and trademarks, and that sort of thing, and trying to coach people, and both as a lawyer, and also, hopefully, mainly having understand that, whether it's a personal brand, or a product brand or lifestyle brand, they need to have something that people relate to, and decide, yes, I'm just another lawyer, or I'm just another coach, or what is your distinctive differentiation? What makes you different? And what is it you're contributing that they wouldn't get from someone else?

Gina Devee 12:08

Cheryl Hodgson 12:09
And that's a journey in and of itself, right? Because you didn't evolve into Divine Living overnight.

Gina Devee 12:16
Not only did it take me years, I paid extensively for it. I've hired many branding agencies throughout the years. And there was one in particular that was able to distill this, like even take full credit for it. They like really, they did a great job of getting to know me and my aspirations, because at that time, the brand was Gina DeVee. And they really came up with a concept of Divine Living. And I said, “Yes, that's exactly what we do.”

Cheryl Hodgson 12:44
Yeah. Well, I relate to that. Because I've been trying to birth Brandaide for 10 years, and I've had a vision of what it was. But I mean, just when I go back to the brand issue, I've saved all the bad logo designs I've gotten in the last 10 years, and I still have no logo for Brandaide Because let's see, I've gotten barbed wire fences with branding irons. I've gotten Martians with weird things on their heads. I've gotten BA for Bank of America or British Air. I'm like, No, I'm none of those. But it's a journey. But I think that's important. Because in terms of the mindset issue, we're talking about women making the transformation to realize it is okay to be seen and heard. And whether this, it's them as the individual or as a brand. There's this issue of they tend to look at someone and I'm not saying they generally but some people can look at someone like you or even like me as a lawyer and they go, Oh, it's easy for you you're already successful, right? But they miss the fact that it's one foot in front of the other every day.

Gina Devee 13:55
And they keep going, keep going, keep investing. I think so many times [inaudible] I did that and it didn't work. It's like “Well join the club. I can show you my like torturous branding logo, like the string of them as well. We do them actually for fun at some of my seminars like to show all the bad branding that it took to get to what you're seeing today. “And you just got to keep going. You got to keep going for your dream, keep evolving, keep getting mentored, keep investing and keep developing yourself.”

Cheryl Hodgson 14:26
Yes. Well, and also it’s knowing how to well first off, the thought that comes into my mind is to fail forward to success.

Gina Devee 14:34

Cheryl Hodgson 14:34
You've got to fail in order to learn and keep going. But it is easy to say oh, well, that didn't work. So. I quit. Tell me, when you're coaching women and you've coached thousands of women by now, and I mean if you had to distill it down what is the number one or top couple of things you find that hold women back in terms of really being able to step out into being Queen

Gina Devee 14:59
Yeah. The first one for sure is self-permission. And when you don't have self-permission, it comes with a whole ripple effect. Because that's when women allegedly aren't clear on what they want to do or even what they want. And the statistics are that only one in 100 Americans even know what they want. I think that's so much of it is, that's just a symptom of the core. Because if you give yourself permission to go for your dreams, if you give yourself permission to create an amazing brand, like, you will get clear. The way will be shown. You will figure it out. But until you've given yourself permission, it isn't clear, because I think people think that you just get these ideas that the only reason why I have going on my life.

What I have going on is because the work informed me I learned from actually doing it, I didn't get it through meditation or journaling what you do every day mean certain pieces, yes, but like most of it, like you learn while you're doing it. I would say for sure, the number one step to being clear, giving yourself permission to be, do, have experience and contribute in life at its fullest. And then the next is really getting clear on your vision.

I know a lot of people talk about this. But I know, for me even like, we kind of sort of know what direction we're going in and what we want. And we can be really vague about our vision, like, we want a bigger brand, or we want more money or more clients or whatever it is. But like, if you were to really dream as if there were no consequences or limitations, what actually is your vision? And so I think that giving yourself permission to dream and kind of do the broad brushstrokes. But then what I do is I really chunk it down.

I do it in 90-day increments, because I find that if I have 90 day goals, and then I work backwards, that what am I going to do by the end of 90 days, the end of 60 days, the end of 30 days, like there's no time for procrastination, it's like the calendar itself really holds you accountable. I would say another step is to just be really clear on what your vision is, and then organize your time around your vision. I know what's important to someone based on what they spend their time on and what's in their calendar.

Cheryl Hodgson 17:13
Right? Well, you said something really profound, which I have reminded myself over and over again in life, is this notion that the work informs you along the way. Because I know, just launching the podcast, it's been the most amazing fun thing I've ever done. I mean, I'm like I'm in my element. Because I've always loved meeting people. That's who I am. And learning what people do, what their gifts are to share with the world. It turns me on. But then it was the process of the technology and all the stuff you have to do, which whether it's launching a website, launching a course it doesn't matter, you can get bogged down in all that stuff, and then trying to find the right team and the right people. But really, once it started, and I finally got it launched, it's like suddenly, there's just this wave of Oh, I've got this idea. And Wouldn't that be great and the work informs it's just what you're saying I'm feel informed by the process. You put one step out there or one idea out there. And suddenly, the universe responds with some sort of support, or step or another idea to move forward and a little bit different way. Have you found that?

Gina Devee 18:23
100% I think that we think that we need to know all of the answers before we even begin, or we need to know all of the how's before we start. And it's just not true. Like, you know what the next step is you take that, and then you'll be informed of the next step. And then the next step. But I typically don't get information, more than two to three steps away from where I'm at, even after all these years. So I stay very present and highly attentive to what those goals are. And to move forward. I take those steps. And the other reason why I don't go further than 90 day increments is if I'm really growing and that quickly, who I'm going to be at the end of those 90 days, like it could never have planned the next step from there because it's such a higher level of consciousness so much further forward in my business and bet so many new amazing people had some great experiences in a 90 day increment. So we make those next decisions when the next quarter begins.

Cheryl Hodgson 19:18
Yeah. Well, and also I think within that comes the need to be able to adapt, right and go with the flow. So we're recording this during the Coronavirus, so I'm not sure if someone listens to it later. Hopefully we'll all be beyond that at some point soon. But it brings up the need to be flexible and adapt. So how is the current circumstances forcing you to adapt and coach your students and your group?

Gina Devee 19:44
Yes, well, the first thing that I had to do was adjust my mindset, because when this first came in, it just seemed like it was larger than life. And for me, I come from a spiritual inclination. And so I had to remember that God, Spirit, universe, it's bigger than the Coronavirus and that really calmed me down. Like I was like, okay, like the news was making it out to be even my own fears in my own head was like, Oh my gosh, this is our [inaudible]. No, it's not. God is larger than life. The Coronavirus is not.

I really got the mindset of a queen down. And I remembered what was still true. And something else that I write about in the book is that each of us have a divine assignment for any given day or and then also for the destiny for our life. And, as a queen, it's important for me to be aware, to be compassionate, to be empathetic, all of what was going on for the doctors and the nurses and the people getting infected in the families that were losing loved ones. And that was not my experience. And therefore it was not my divine assignment.

The Divine assignment is never to freak out to be in fear, or to not fulfill your own purpose. So I had to really practice self discipline in terms of what is my divine assignment for that day. And my divine assignment was still to share the message of being Queen. My divine assignment was to continue to move my business forward and model to others that it was okay to do the same in their life, especially women were afraid like it's okay to be making money right now. And so of course, it's not okay to produce some sort of scam, take advantage of the situation. But if you have an uplifting product or service, like the world needs that more than ever, and so do not offer what you're meant to offer in the world. And then the third was, I didn't wait 20 years to publish my first book, during a global epidemic. But my book came out in March 2020. And so I had a global book tour planned, and I was able to hit two stops, we hit New York and Miami before we need to go into quarantine, and we had cancel everything else. Then, I let myself feel sad for a couple of minutes.

It was sad to me, I wanted to see people and hug them and sign their books. I’ve waited my whole life for that or my [inaudible] life anyways. And I knew it was really a postponing it wasn't really a canceling. And one of the skills I teach in the book is that everything is happening for us not to us. And if that's actually true, I had asked myself and I did this exercise, I'm thrilled this is happening, because, okay, I'm thrilled my book tour got cancelled, because there's like, okay, I can pivot and reach out and do a bunch of podcasts like this one, and maybe even get the word out in an even bigger way with the podcast reach than what my in person gatherings would have been. I'm thrilled this is happening because well, I didn't just want people to buy the book, I actually wanted them to read it. And people are reading right now more than ever, they can't go anywhere. So I'm like, Okay, I'm thrilled this happened because I have a publicist, and I was supposed to be flying around to do a bunch of media.

Right now I'm doing the media from the comfort of my own home because everyone's gone virtual. So I've just had to pivot and take a look at what are the opportunities? What is this time then for what is my divine assignment right now. And when the divine assignment is to be in person, again, and do live events, again, I will happily seize that, because it's a very happy way to work. But I'm really thrilled about all of the opportunities like this one right here with you, Cheryl. So I think it's really being a queen is about looking to understand how is something happening for you, not to you?

Cheryl Hodgson 23:30
Well, I could really go deep on that, because it's so in alignment with my philosophy, my own journey. We call it in spiritual psychology terms, it's called your spiritual curriculum. And then we each have one and no one's is better or worse than others. Well, it's just different. And then we each are all going to go through experiences in life, which are not what you would call peak experiences, being in a pandemic and isolation is not necessarily a peak experience on a day to day basis. On the other hand, the only control we ultimately have in our life is shit happens at some level, and then the unexpected comes along, and the only thing we can control is our response and our reaction. So what you were saying and sharing about controlling your mindset and controlling your thinking,

Gina Devee 24:21
Uh huh.

Cheryl Hodgson 24:22
That takes practice. Because those old tapes come in. I mean, I've been going through it myself, and it's like, I gotta meditate, got to hit the yoga mat. And I think what I've had to say one thing is that we each need to have our own toolset, a tool chest and our little things that we can turn to that help us stay on the right path and the right thinking.

Gina Devee 24:45
100% and then you actually do turn things into a peak experience when you do that.

Cheryl Hodgson 24:51
Yeah, well, and it's perhaps you can, and I've been seeing quite a few brands do this. They're reaching out with no agenda to sell something at the moment but to really be of service to their clients and their customers. And those that are doing that, I think those are the people by pivoting during the crisis. But being present and accessible will be who clients turn to, as things improve and get better.

Gina Devee 25:19
Absolutely. So for example, femininity is about taking a stand for the end, the masculine is about either or the feminine is about we, the masculine is about I, the individual. And so when this all happened, we created a companion course for the book. And it's called the Audacity to be Queen, and we were going to sell it. And it was actually Glen, my husband's idea that said, you know, what about us giving it away for free. And I was like, that's brilliant, perfect idea. And anyone can go get it. It's divineliving.com/audacity, it's completely free course.

And so we felt great about giving that to the community as a gesture of hope and having positive programming. There's videos, workbooks, all the things. And I'm also continuing to sell my other programs, products and services. So you can really take a stand for the end. You can be giving and generous and do things for free and a pivot and adapt to the current climate. And you can continue to move your brand and business forward.

Cheryl Hodgson 26:18
Oh, that's awesome. Well, since I just got the book, I better get the course.

Gina Devee 26:21

Cheryl Hodgson 26:22
We all need a little more extra input. But there was a couple of things you said that I really wanted to - I love this thing about giving yourself. We talked about giving yourself permission, but about not having to give up too much of yourself. There's something you share in the book about which I really urge people to tune into it's really fabulous book. But the notion about I really related to this personally, because I struggle with it. I mean, look, I come from a little bit different generation where there weren't a lot of women role models, there were a few. But believe me, the ones I met, were all in the masculine mode. The burnout, the adrenals, the work, the hundred and 20 hours, work harder, and it wasn't okay, you had to give yourself away, you had to prove yourself more. I spent 25 years in that model. And I mean, I blew out the adrenals. I fat all them. But I mean, I did it all. And so I just - you share in the book, and I would love it if you could just kind of talk about that a little bit about either the women who were in their feminine energy, and were in a great place, but they weren't making any money, versus the ones who were like me early in their careers, who were just had no life.

Gina Devee 27:38
Yes, well, at the beginning of my career, about 15 years ago, I would say that was very much where I was discovering femininity, I was always very spiritual. And it was into like, I just moved to Los Angeles and I like joined the feminine energy circles. And it was like, these are beautiful sisterhood and new moon circles and blah, blah, blah. And we were all broke. [Inaudible] close, and we're all broke. And then I looked at all the books because I always desire to have a better lifestyle for myself and greater impact, which both require money. I was like, when do women have money. And it was like the lawyers, the investment bankers, the commercial real estate broker, and they were all working these crazy, like 100 hour weeks, blowing out their dreams completely in their masculine, but they had the money. And so I was like really asked the question, Where are the women who are wealthy and feminine?

And so that is where I really dove into studying all things Queen, because queen is not all feminine. She's the masterful blend of the masculine and the feminine. And so when we lead with our femininity, followed by our masculinity, that's how we can accomplish a lot create great impact and great wealth and receive great lifestyle as well.

Cheryl Hodgson 28:56
Yeah, well, you know, I mean, one of the archetypes you talked about, which was what he called the way we project out is either acting out as the bitch or the princess or what were the other two? The slave girl, whatever, right where we work to death. But one of the things that informed me and I share this, just from a personal perspective, because in my generation as a young lawyer, if I was assertive, I was immediately labeled by men as a bitch, right, in other words, it was difficult to get to the merits of representing my client, because they would throw this thing at me, right? And so then it became, and again, like I said, there weren't a lot of role models, but I'll never forget, if you're familiar with who Katharine Graham was, she won the Pulitzer prize and she owned the Washington Post.

Gina Devee 29:44
Mm hmm.

Cheryl Hodgson 29:45
Never forget this. This has to be at least 20 years ago. I read an article about her when she was very much still alive. In Vanity Fair. She was profiled in Vanity Fair, and there was a quote about her from Adlai Stevenson, who had been a Secretary of State or something many years ago, and he said "Her greatest virtue was her opponents always tend to underestimate her abilities." And that stuck with me and it saw me through because when I finally came to without having a coach, like you, or someone, you know, audacity to be queen book available back then was it was like, Okay, well, maybe I don't have to be aggressive, maybe I can just like, fly in the weeds and be nice. And then guess what? I can bless you and blast you. And I don't mean that in the mean way. I just mean, for behalf of my clients to do what needs to be done to take care of business.

Gina Devee 30:46
Mm hmm. Yeah, I think that men get a bad rap. And there's certain men that need to take responsibility for mislabeling with certain women's attributes. Because if a man behaved the same way, that judgment would never take place. I got to tell you, women do it to each other as well. And that's one of the things that I'm really excited about with this generation of women. I'm not talking about age at all, I'm just talking about the women that are currently on the planet. We're so much more in the creative realm than the competitive realm. And it's really all about collaborating and sisterhood. And it's not about taking other women down anymore.

Cheryl Hodgson 31:21
Absolutely. I think that we're finally realizing the men have been doing not in a bad way. Cuz I love men, I have nothing. [crosstalk] But I mean, let's face it, they've been hanging out in the locker room on the golf course and doing business for years. We can hang out in the spa.

Gina Devee 31:36
Yeah, exactly.

Cheryl Hodgson 31:38
On the beach, and Tom, jam your next event. So tell me what is next for Divine Living?

Gina Devee 31:44
We're being really present. We're just really excited to get the book out into the world. There's a hardcover, there's the Kindle version, and there's Audible so you can go to divineliving.com/book and get it anywhere. We are proud. From a brand perspective, we are in 1000 Target stores across the US. And we're also in Walmart in Canada. So we're very proud that the book has gotten mass and mainstream.

Cheryl Hodgson 32:09

Gina Devee 32:10
Thank you. Thank you. And we've got some cool things coming up that we're working on. So if anyone wants to stay in touch, all the resources are at our website, divineliving.com, there's videos, there's talk show, there's podcasts, there's all kinds of free stuff, get on our mailing list, we send out a cool kind of magazine, a newsletter once a week, and then you'll be able to see all the things that are coming up at Divine Living.

Cheryl Hodgson 32:33
Yeah, well, you did a beautiful magazine there for a while. That was a big experiment and I remember you saying that there also was a challenge.

Gina Devee 32:41
It was a big experiment and a big expense from a brand perspective. So yes,

Cheryl Hodgson 32:46
It was gorgeous.

Gina Devee 32:48
You can see all the archives on the website. They're all still there.

Cheryl Hodgson 32:52
But you did it, you know?

Gina Devee 32:53
Yes and learned a lot.

Cheryl Hodgson 32:55
Yeah. So is there anything I haven't asked you that you'd love to share?

Gina Devee 32:59
I think it's just been such a fun time. Cheryl. It's one of those subjects where there's so much that I appreciate, you know, from a brand perspective, people can study what I've done around the whole concept of Queen and how I've integrated that with Divine Living. And I think that just more than ever, we really need positive programming for our minds. And so I know, obviously a bit biased, but it's been great to get your feedback that the book will do exactly that. It's really going to support you in your dreams, and whatever those are for your brand. And really maxing them out in a good way, like really applying big thinking and big love, and big care and big belief in them. So I hope you get the book and really use the exercises in it to make your brand go as big as you desire it to be.

Cheryl Hodgson 33:48
Well and we do need that support. I realized that I mean, we've been isolating. I'm not in a relationship other than with my dog. You know, I'm isolated alone, and I'm on the phone or water on calls. So it's not like I'm not with people, I'm very much with people. But at the same time, there's this, that little voice in the head boom, isolated by myself. And so it's more important than ever to me to have that connection.

I think there's one thing we didn't talk about, which I think is important because it was part of my transformation. I don't know if you've seen this, this might be one more archetype for you to add. And it's a Mary Morrissey, who I coached with at one point I love Mary. She goes into the Lone Ranger syndrome. Yeah, that would be me. I was the Lone Ranger. I have to do it all alone. That's part of the martyr syndrome, right? There's nobody there for me. So I have to do it all myself.

Gina Devee 34:41
And while there's a whole chapter on belonging, it's a little bit towards the end of the book and the loner is one of the archetypes. You will see you there and I'll show you how to transform that one as well.

Cheryl Hodgson 34:51
Okay, well, I am the reformed loner, so...

Gina Devee 34:54

Cheryl Hodgson 34:55
I totally believe that we all need that community and connection with each other to really survived.

Gina Devee 35:02
For sure, for sure. Well, and that's one of the reasons why we offered the companion course for free. So definitely go to divineliving.com/audacity get in on that course. Because you're gonna meet women from around the world who are going for their dreams. It's such an amazing group of women. And yes, they'll be thrilled to meet you.

Cheryl Hodgson 35:20
Great! Well, count me in. And is there anything on your bucket list you haven't done? I've always liked to ask that question. What location have you not been to yet?

Gina Devee 35:30
Oh, in terms of travel, or physical accomplishments,

Cheryl Hodgson 35:33
Whatever, it could be both you can have more than one.

Gina Devee 35:36
Yes, I definitely have a dream of product line. So that is a bucket list piece that I haven't done yet.

Cheryl Hodgson 35:42
That's fabulous.

Gina Devee 35:43
And in terms of location, where haven't I been that I'm desiring to go? I think when things open up, I'm going to go hit some repeat places. Some of my favorite loves. But so the Iceland journey is coming up for me right now. I haven't been done the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. So that's of interest. I think there's some places in Asia that I haven't done like Vietnam is looking really beautiful. And Shanghai, I haven't experienced that city either.

Cheryl Hodgson 36:12
Fantastic. Well, I foresee many more great Divine Living events around the world, and I can't wait to attend one.

Gina Devee 36:20
Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, the next one will probably be in the Mediterranean, though. That's probably my first love.

Cheryl Hodgson 36:26
Okay, well, I can go. I actually I just have to confess that I was really taken when you were in con a year or two ago, because I've been there probably 30 times for the [inaudible] years ago in the music industry. So [inaudible] every year. So it's like when you were in the market place. It's also very inspiring for people to realize that they can work virtually and we talked a little bit about that before we started about how this virtual, how things are shifting for all of us to being online.

Gina Devee 36:56
Mm hmm.

Cheryl Hodgson 36:57
And before we go, I'd like to just go back and circle on that a little bit. Because I don't think we really talked about that online.

Gina Devee 37:02
Sure. One of the opportunities right now. And what industry is someone's in it just really utilizing all of the capabilities that we do actually have virtually. In some ways, my life isn't that different. And so quarantine, than when I'm not I work from home. I do many zoom calls. My team is virtual. I do work normally from anywhere in the world. And now getting even more digital programs going and even more systems and structures in place that don't require in person attendance. It's just what the focus has been recently. And I think that there's so many industries that had an outdated way of thinking, thinking that they had to go in person. I mean, obviously, if you're a hairstylist or a massage therapist, that's true. But there's just so many industries that thought they had to go into an office or couldn't work virtually, that I think I've really seen how much you can really accomplish and how much like time you can really save. I know, my team loves not having a commute. Many of them are here in Los Angeles. And they just love not having a commute because they actually said they could work more they can be more productive, because we're not an hour an hour to and from work every day.

Cheryl Hodgson 38:13
Well, and I think the message from my perspective is for those people who might be listening is someone like you, you've been doing this for 20 years. And it's like the rest of the world. And I've been doing it for quite a long time too and not quite as long. But now that I'm not going to court, hopefully never again. But it's like it nothing's really changed for me either. So I think that turning to people like you with your, you have not only the depth of knowledge to help entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to really develop their messaging, deal with their mindset, and to actually birth something of value and significance in the world. There's that aspect. But also, you've been doing this kind of virtual build business for a long time. So you have a lot to share in that. So I really had to connect with you.

Gina Devee 39:03
Yes, thank you so much, Cheryl.

Cheryl Hodgson 39:07
Thank you for joining me it's just been wonderful having you and after things settle down, I'm going to to come back and we'll hear how the book tour, the real book tour went.

Gina Devee 39:15
Excellent. So far on the virtual one and then we'll get the in person going as well. Thank you so much for having me. It's been a pleasure to be here.

Cheryl Hodgson 39:23

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