SAM SPLINT Joins First Responders – Dr. Sam & Cheryl Scheinberg

SAM SPLINT Joins First Responders – Dr. Sam & Cheryl Scheinberg

The SAM SPLINT revolutionized emergency response.

First responders around the globe rely upon Dr. Sam Scheinberg’s emergency splint in almost all on-scene emergencies. The disposable emergency splint helps first responders treat patients with suspected bone fractures of an arm, leg, or even the neck. For example, SAM SPLINT goes along for the ride with first responders on ski slopes. Those EMT teams that show up on-scene where bone fractures are present also whip out SAM SPINT to provide a portable, safe and effective tool for patients during transport for further medical treatment. This can include most other emergency response teams to fires, auto and industrial accidents, and countless other life-threatening situations. This simple and amazing product is now mandated as standard issue equipment to active military personnel engaged in armed combat. The SAM SPLINT rides in the backpacks of those serving around the globe.

Breakthrough:SAM IO For Intraosseous Access

Dr. Sam & Cheryl Scheinberg have gone on to grow Sam Medical into a well-respected and highly recognized developer of products for first responders. Their newest product the SAM IO allows first responders to inject live-saving medications into a patient’s bone in situations where access to a vein is not possible. Whether it is a heart attack at home, or in undeveloped countries where starvation can occur, the SAM IO is the latest breakthrough product at Sam Medical.

You can have the coolest idea in the world. But if it’s only useful to two people on the planet, then you’re not going to be able to get a return on your investment – Sam Scheinberg

In this episode, Cheryl and The Scheinbergs discuss:

  • The journey of the SAM SPLINT from Sam’s closet to the backpacks of active military around the world
  • How Sam’s emergency splint has changed emergency response for first responders
  • The long patient journey from idea to salable product
  • Dr. Sam’s emergency splint is now ubiquitous in active military and first responders around the globe
  • The latest evolution from Sam Medical, the SAM IO, an Intraosseous Access System System

Key Takeaways: 

  • Everything seems to begin with an idea.
  • Make sure that whatever you’re doing serves an unmet need.. 
  • Understand how you’re measuring your progress
  • And don’t mistake action for progress.
  • And when you don’t something, just know you don’t know and find somebody who does know it, and listen to him or her

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