Exit Strategy and Entrepreneurial Mindset –  JP McAvoy

Exit Strategy and Entrepreneurial Mindset – JP McAvoy

An entrepreneurial mindset includes developing an exit strategy for your business from the beginning of your business. This will frame the decisions you make early in the life of the company so you know “how to sell your business.”  An exit strategy begins with a proper business structure, a business and a legal foundation to protect and grow the value of business assets as the business grows. The entrepreneurial mindset also focuses upon developing and protecting valuable Intellectual Property assets, including registered trademarks and other IP. Today’s guest, Attorney JP McAvoy, specializes in structuring new businesses with and helping entrepreneurs plan for the future in the present day, that exit strategy you’ll be ready for well in advance.

In this episode, Cheryl and JP McAvoy discuss: 

  • His work with clients such as Elon Musk in developing growth and an exit strategy.  
  • The importance of building a successful launch ramp at the outset of a start-up’s creation.  
  • The value of creating a separate holding company for the brand’s intellectual property assets. 
  • How to create a company that becomes legacy.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Structure the company for growth and future investments such as shareholding.
  • Consider intellectual property and licensing opportunities as assets for valuation. 
  • Start the conversation with your attorney early to plan an exit strategy. 
  • Implement a will or trust so ownership shares don’t end up in probate court.   

“The sooner you start planning what the exit looks like, the better the likelihood of it being successful.” —  JP McAvoy 

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