Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life–a Global Brand – Dr. Patricia Crane

Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life–a Global Brand – Dr. Patricia Crane

In this episode, Cheryl and Patricia discuss: 

  • How building a global brand workshop for Hay House founder Louise Hay built Brand Extension.
  • Creating you can HEAL YOUR LIFE trademark for global workshop leaders.
  • You Can Heal Your Life brand legacy and global reach through trademark licensing.
  • Licensing is a means of establishing greater professionalism and credibility in leader training.

Key Takeaways: 

  • People have evolved to a higher level of personal and spiritual awareness
  • Brand extension through licensing helps people transcend cultural differences
  • Ask your customers the right questions and they will tell you what they want from you
  • Our human self will always need that spiritual, emotional, mental, physical transformation

When it comes to social media, ask yourself How do I prioritize my time, so that I’m really sharing valuable information with people and not getting so caught up in going through a whole lot of stuff that may not be helpful?” —  Patricia Crane

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