Philosophy in Business –  Dr. Patrick Gentempo

Philosophy in Business – Dr. Patrick Gentempo

Clarifying his own business philosophy–its Role in Dr. Gentempo’s Success

The use of philosophy in business is a key to entrepreneurial growth and success. Dr. Patrick Gentempo inventor deeply studied philosophy. Through his use of philosophy to resolve his own contradictions between personal and professional goals, Patrick went on to invent diagnostic equipment and build a company supplying his products to thousands of chiropractic clinics including the tool measuring Heart Rate Variability (HRV). In his book, Your Stand is Your Brand. Dr. Gentempo shares how business philosophy impacts success and how he has used philosophy in business to successfully resolve his own inner conflicts and build a massively successful business based upon his HRV equipment.

Patrick’s inventions, including Heart Rate Variability emerged from his own Unresolved Contradictions

Every person has a philosophy in business and it life. And, the issue is whether you have defined your philosophy in business in some kind of a conscious and rational, and disciplined way? A key principle of philosophy is that unresolved contradictions lead to destruction, with the amount of destruction being relative to the level of contradiction.

Dr. Gentempo shares his own personal and business contradictions in his practice as a chiropractor, which ultimately lead him to found a medical device company and the invention of diagnostic equipment used by thousands of chiropractors worldwide, including the Heart Rate Variablity testing equipment.

In this episode, Cheryl and Dr. Gentempo discuss:

  • Every person and every business has a philosophy. 
  • Have you defined your philosophy in business in a conscious and disciplined way?
  • Contradictions lead to destruction. The amount of destruction is relative to the level of the contradiction.
  • Remove your own internal conflicts and contradictions in order to create space for a transformative pivotal experience.
  • “Your Stand is Your Brand” reveals the 5-P Expansion sequence, and how your philosophical premises will shape your psychological experiences.

Key takeaways:

  • The greatest barrier to entrepreneurial growth is when what’s driving in your personal life is pulling you one way, and what’s driving your career is pulling you another way. These are unresolved contradictions.
  • No business is perfect. There’s always some level of contradiction. 
  • When you resolve contradictions on one level, you evolve to the next level. When one uses philosophy in business to address new contradictions, one evolves to the next level. So it’s a conscious process. 
  • It’s the business philosophy that often dictates the business culture. And if the philosophy is confused, the culture is confused, and it’s dysfunctional. When you get really clear on philosophy, it really impacts psychology in a very profound way.
  • “Your Stand is Your Brand” and your philosophy in business becomes your brand.

A good brand is the purest possible expression of the fundamental philosophy and values of the company, everywhere, no matter what; in everything that’s written everything that’s said in all the ways that the employees relate to each other; and how customer service treats employees and the types of products that you’ll build.Dr. Patrick Gentempo

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