Podcast Marketing With Podopolo – Melinda Wittstock

Podcast Marketing With Podopolo – Melinda Wittstock

Podopolo: A New Platform for Podcast Marketing

Are you a podcaster, and learning the process of podcast marketing? In this episode, Melinda Wittstock shares her business, podcasting platform Podopolo. Podopolo is the first social media platform for podcasters and with a unique vision for podcast marketing. How can you attract sponsors for your show without knowing the demographics of your audience? The question of how to make money podcasting is closely related. In this interview, professional journalist and host of the Wings of Inspired Business Podcast, shares Podopolo’s difference from all other podcast platforms. Podcasters can now interact with their audiences and learn more about their listeners. Gathering listener data helps with podcast marketing campaigns. This data also helps attract the rights sponsors for the show as one learns how to make money podcasting. 

In this episode, Cheryl and Melinda Wittstock discuss: 

  • Podcast Marketing is changing with the Podopolo platform.
  • Podopolo as the first podcasting platform to create social engagement with listeners
  • Podopolo allows podcasters to learn about their audience and own that data, unlike other podcast marketing platforms
  • To answer the question “how to make money podcasting” one needs to know the audience to attract paid sponsors for your show
  • Plan you podcast interviews based upon themes, not specific questions, so it can flow

Key Takeaways: 

  • Learn to work in your zone of genius and not on tasks that can be delegated. 
  • Don’t make the mistake of hiring too late.
  • Hiring is not an expense. It’s an investment, since it allows you to double down on your own specific unique strengths
  • The best interviewers are great listeners
  • Ask easy questions to make the guest feel really comfortable

“To conduct a great interview, be a good listener and ask open ended questions.” —  Melinda Wittstock

Connect with Melinda Wittstock:  

Website: https://podopolo.com or
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How to Make Money Podcasting  – Doug Sandler

How to Make Money Podcasting – Doug Sandler

In this episode, Cheryl and Doug discuss: 

  • The principles of Doug’s Nice Guys in business brand. 
  • His start in podcasting and the creation of his Turnkey Podcast production company. 
  • The value of podcasting as a marketing and branding tool 
  • Some of the myths around podcasting and how to monetize your podcast. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Aim for a win-win in business transactions. 
  • Use podcasting to build your brand and generate leads. 
  • You don’t have to be an expert. Get people on your show who are specialists at what they do and ask them great questions.  
  • Launching a podcast is just the beginning – you have to build connection, community and currency. 

“My definition of success has nothing to do with winning through intimidation or by managing with an iron fist.” —  Doug Sandler    

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